Angela Wilson foot care

Hello, Angela Wilson here and I’m here to help if you have problems with your feet.

I’ve been a fully qualified, registered chiropodist, podiatrist, and massage therapist since 1993, and prior to that I cared for the elderly and have a natural desire to help people.

When clients walk into my surgery for the first time, they are always anxious and a phrase I often hear is –

“You don’t want to look at my feet”.

It never ceases to make me smile, and I soon relax them with my treatments, so they leave no longer feeling embarrassed.

It’s not just the elderly who visit me either, and I love the experience of knowing I can help them, young or old.

Many come in hardly able to walk, and leave with a spring in their step as you can see from this unsolicited testimonial I’ve received.

The day my friend Jean introduced you to me was one of the best days of my life.  I walked in pain feet wise in your home like an old woman.  After treatment on my feet I walked out with a spring in my step and no pain.

Just to say Thank You and a small fee wasn’t enough.

I would advise anyone with aching feet, corns, etc. to get in touch with Angela Wilson.

It will be they best money they’ve ever spent.”

- Greta Barrett


Treatments normally last between 20 – 30 minutes and the initial consultation starts with a general questionnaire, which enables me to discover if there are any underlying medical conditions I need to be aware of.

As well as the feet, I also check the lower limbs from the knees down, and the foot pulses, from which I can discover a lot about the clients health.

If I notice anything suspicious, such as a suspected skin cancer, I recommend they visit their GP or other health care specialist.

People need to be aware of how important foot health care can be, and I often think if feet were on display like ears, they’d take more care of them.

These days, most people grab a quick shower and few soak their feet as in the past. 

If you don’t pay attention to your lower extremities, you’re asking for trouble, and will find yourself with ugly, smelly, horny, bony, flat, corn or veruca infested feet, none of which are very comfortable to live with.

Looking after your feet is a bit like having a car.

Provided you look after it and have it serviced regularly, it won’t give you any problems, but if you neglect it, you could find yourself in real trouble!

People come to me with all sorts of foot problems such as:

• Calluses
• Hard skin
• Corns – all varieties – hard/soft/vascular/sub-ungual/sceptic/multi-seeded
• Verucas
• Heel Pain
• In-growing Toe Nails
• Pesplaynus Valgus (Flat feet)
• Diabetes


One of the specialist areas of chiropody is diabetes.

This is because it can affect the nerve endings in the feet and there are reports of people being able to walk with a walnut in their shoes and not even realise.

It’s therefore very important to ensure people with diabetes cut their toe nails because if they were to accidentally cut themselves on their legs or feet they may not realise.  This can sometimes allow infection to set in, and even gangrene.

Another area chiropodist pay particular attention to are people in advanced years. Often their body system is sluggish and waste products accumulate in their feet because they are unable to be dispersed, and other factors have to be considered, such as the medication being taken or heart and blood complaints.

Also, as messages tend to take longer to get to the brain as we age, it’s possible any pain or pressure on an elderly person may not be felt immediately.

A chiropodist or podiatrist could do irreversible damage during treatment if he or she did not take this into consideration.


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