Angela Wilson working on feet

    My name is Angela Wilson,and I have been a fully qualified, registered chiropodist and podiatrist since 1993.  I am also qualified as a massage therapist, although it’s not something I specialise in as I prefer to work on feet.

Often people ask what’s the difference between chiropody and podiatry and actually there isn’t any.  It all depends where you live what the speciality will be called.

I work in a surgery and domicillary practice and treat all kinds of foot complaints.

These can be anything including, but not limited to -

* toe nail trimming

* foot health advice

* discussing possible surgery

 During the course of my working day I perform a variety of skills including -

 * assessment of patients feet

* education

* prevention

* infection control

* sterilising equipment

Many of my patients have long term illnesses including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular, asthma and diabetes, which can have an effect on the blood supply in their lower limbs and feet, and I work side by side with a variety of other skilled health care professionals including -

 * other chiropodists/podiatrists

* osteopaths

* physiotherapists

* community nurses

* doctors

My Qualifications

Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist with the Health Professions Council

Registration No: CH18297

Passed the International Register of Massage Therapists Examination Board (with honours)

Certificate No: 7225

Contact me for an appointment or home visit  –  (01353) 862470

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